Driver state monitoring systems

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Driver state monitoring systems (DSMS) are the next generation of safety features in vehicle technology. DSMS refer to the tools that collect observable information about the human  driver  in  order  to  assess  driver’s  capability  to  perform  the  driving  task  in  a  safe  manner. Largely, these systems utilise detection of ocular markers such as gaze direction, eyelid movement and subtle eye movement parameters including saccadic activity to detect and monitor driver impairment. Alternate methods may also include physiological assessment of cardiovascular output or continuous haemodynamic monitoring.

Given that driving is a task that is predominantly reliant on visual perception, attentional capacity and behavioural competency, developing and refining objective methods of quantifying driver state through these technologies may provide a means to detect driver impairment associated not only with drowsiness and distraction, but also other common factors such as drug and alcohol intoxication, cognitive distraction and overall inattention.  

The main goals for the special interest group are:

  • ·       Facilitate discussion on the potential of driver state monitoring systems in assessing, quantifying and predicting impaired driving.
  • ·       Support international collaboration between researchers interested in the field of driver monitoring systems to enable cross-disciplinary partnerships.
  • ·       Develop reliable catalogues as to the effect of common factors such as drug and alcohol intoxication, cognitive distraction and overall inattention on driver state, and how these can be examined using emergent driver monitoring objective technologies.
  • ·       Provide international leadership in developing standards and procedures relating to the reliable and translational dissemination of research related to driver state monitoring and road safety. 

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